As a company we offer an Inspection Service which is carried out with high accuracy on a Johansson Co-ordinate Measuring Machine fitted with the latest software, standard equipment and techniques used when required. We can also provide a part marking service using our Propen 3000.

Aluminium motor body CNC milled to ensure the bore and end faces are machined parallel, square and with a super fine finish.

Lens attachment support plates conventionally milled using digital read out to ensure positional accuracy. All other parts machined and assembled by JMP
Engineering Ltd

Precision turned, milled, drilled components. Positional accuracy being the main critiera. 1st article and inspection reports supplied.

Paint mixing assembly. Stainless steal components turned, milled, drilled and polished.

Printing machine assembly. Stainless steel components turned, milled, drilled and vibro etched for indentification.

CNC milled components

Precision turned shafts. Turned, drilled, keyway and precision ground for high accuracy.

Automotive components. Turned, threaded, milled, drilled and high accuracy batch controlled.